How do I see the finished montage for the Group Hug I participated in?

When you submit your video to a Group Hug, you have the option to leave your email address to let the organizer know that you would like to see the final montage. After a Group Hug montage is finished, we provide all the email addresses included with the video submissions to the Group Hug organizer. 

However, it is the organizer's choice to share the montage with: 

  • just the recipient
  • a smaller group of people
  • or a wider audience. 

To respect the privacy of the organizer and recipient, VidHug does not share out montages automatically nor fulfill support requests to view the montage (from anyone other than the organizer).

If you'd like to see the montage, the easiest thing to do is contact the Group Hug organizer (the person that invited you) directly and ask them for the link to the montage. If they choose to, they should send you the Shareable Link to Video; see here for more.
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