VidHug for Business - Private Beta

What is VidHug for Business?

As VidHug has grown in popularity, businesses, organizations, and institutions of all sizes are using it to engage their clients, employees, and more. They've also provided excellent feedback on what additional features would make VidHug  even better for them. We're listening, and we're working on some exciting new things!

While there is more to come (including subscriptions, organizational accounts, etc.), we're pleased to offer early access to some of the most commonly requested ways to customize your montage:

  • Custom Logos 
  • Custom Intro & Background Color
  • Per-video lower-third text to display name and affiliation (e.g. job title, department, location, etc.)

These 3 features are available now to users who join our private beta!

example screenshot with example logo

How do we join the beta?

Currently, VidHug for Business is an invite-only beta while we test it and gather user feedback. There is no additional charge for participating; we only ask that you provide us with feedback on the new features. Eventually, these features will be priced differently than our standard Group Hugs.

If you're interested in joining the invite-only beta , please reach out to us at!

How do we use the new features?

Below are our guides to the VidHug for Business features and how to use them:

Want to learn more about VidHug?  Please visit our website at

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