Adding a custom background color

NOTE: This feature is only available to those participating in the VidHug for Business Beta trial. For more information, please see: VidHug for Business - Private Beta

The VidHug for Business Beta gives you the option of customizing the background color for your company montage. This is a great way to include your official company colors and create a video montage that suits your company branding and style.

Quick How-To:

Selecting the background color for the final video is part of the process of Creating the Group Hug montage

  1. Press Create My Group Hug located near the top of the dashboard to get started
  2.  In the Intro: Appearance options, choose your custom color by using the HTML Color Code number
  3. The color you choose will appear in the color circle

Step by Step:

Press Create My Group Hug:

Intro: Appearance
Select the grey pencil icon in the list of available background colors:

Choose a color that best represents your company and works well with any features logo or text. Type the color's HTML Color Code in the space provided:

Please note: If you have used the Text feature and added names/descriptions to individual hugs, the default text color is light. For this reason, darker colors will work best for the background.

The Create Your Group Hug Summary will allow you to review your background color and all other sections. 

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