My Group Hug is too long, what can I do?

The current maximum duration for a Group Hug is 50 minutes. While we think the best Group Hugs often have durations of between 5 and 20 minutes, we recognize that for some very special occasions or large groups, even 50 minutes just isn't enough!

If you have more than 50 minutes of content in your Group Hug, we recommend splitting the content into multiple Group Hugs, such that each one is shorter than the maximum allowable duration. For example, if your current Group Hug is 80 minutes long, you should split it into two 40-minute long ones.

Splitting your Group Hug into Two (or more)

To split your hugs across multiple Group Hugs, simply create more Group Hugs and move hugs from your big Group Hug to the others.

For example, here are the instructions for splitting your Group Hug into two montages:

  1. Create one extra Group Hug for Part 2
  2. Download half of the clips (in terms of duration) from the original (Download an individual hug)
  3. Upload those clips to Part 2 (How do I upload a pre-recorded video?)
  4. In the first Group Hug (Part 1), discard all of the clips that you uploaded to Part 2; see Deleting an individual video (hug).
  5. Now you can create montages in Part 1 and Part 2 that should be less than 50 minutes.
  6. You will need to unlock the Part 2 Group Hug - this occasion is so big, it's like two special occasions!

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know.

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