Extending the Due Date

Quick How-To:

  1. Select the pencil icon on the Hug Page, near the Due Date.  
  2. Select the date and a calendar will appear.  
  3. Pick the date you wish to have and the new Due Date will automatically appear


The Due Date for your Group Hug determines how long the recording page will accept submissions. Before or on that date, at midnight, your local time, the recording page will accept video submissions as well as show a countdown timer to the due date.

After the due date has passed, the recording page will inform invitees that the Group Hug is finished and no longer accepting video submissions.

If you want to extend the due date to allow more submissions, simply navigate to the Hug Page section of the Group Hug's dashboard. Here, you can edit any of the information that describes the Group Hug, including the due date.

You can see that the Hug Page shows as Inactive, since the Due Date has passed. 

To change the due date, click the pencil icon next to the date (or the Edit button at the top of the Hug Page section), which will make all the Hug page details editable. If you decide you do not want to make a change, click the Cancel (yellow X) button near the top of the Hug Page section.

Simply select a new date and that will become the final day for videos to be submitted. 

As soon as you make a selection, that change will be saved.

With the Due Date updated, the recording page will accept video submissions again. If you have the recording page open, you may need to refresh it to see the changes.

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