Sharing the Group Hug montage

When you've finished creating your Group Hug montage and are ready to share it, go to the Group Hug section of that Group Hug's dashboard.

Who you share the video with is entirely up to you. Before you share it, only you have access to the video, as it is unlisted. You will, of course, want to share it with its intended recipient(s). You may also want to share it with everyone that played a part in the video. If they included their e-mail address with their video submission, you'll be able to compose an e-mail to them by clicking the  Compose E-mail button. You can also share the video more widely on social media (e.g. with the shareable link as detailed below). It's entirely up to you!

Sharing with a Link

The easiest way to share your Group Hug is with the Shareable Link to Video. The link takes whoever visits it to an unlisted publicly-accessible page (does not require login) that proudly displays your Group Hug montage.

The link can be accessed by anyone you send it to. It can be viewed on a mobile device (we recommend rotating to landscape orientation), a computer, or even a Smart TV. It can be posted to any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and will render a preview including the video thumbnail.

Downloading the Montage

For Group Hugs that are unlocked, you can download the full video for off-line viewing as an mp4 video file. It can be downloaded using the Download button in the Group Hug section of the dashboard. It can also be downloaded by anyone you invite to watch the video (such as the recipient) from the Shareable Link to Video page, by clicking on the button with a download icon (the cloud with an arrow pointing down). 

We always recommend that you or the recipient download the video, in order to have a back-up of this keepsake. We also recommend downloading the video in the situation where it is to be presented or displayed at an occasion (like a surprise party), as it will avoid the need for a reliable internet connection at that time (which has a knack for failing just when you need it!).

Trouble downloading on iOS?

You may find that clicking the button on iOS (iPhone or iPad) does not download the file.

iOS 13.x or newer
  1. On your Group Hug dashboard, press and hold the "Download" button until a window pops up.
  2. Press Download Linked File.

Your Group Hug will be saved to your device.

iOS 12.x or older

iOS (12.x or older) does not support files such as videos from being downloaded from within a browser. In this case, you may need to download it on another device (like a computer) and transfer it onto your phone.

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