Unlocking your Group Hug

To unlock your Group Hug and remove the free preview limitations, navigate to the Unlock section of that Group Hug's dashboard.

This section shows the price in your region. Click Unlock to proceed.

The pop-up allows you to enter your payment information, as well as a promo code if you have one.

Payments are processed by Stripe and can only be made with a valid credit card (e.g. no PayPal). Because VidHug is a Canadian company we are unable to accept Discover or Prepaid Gifts cards. Your payment information is securely encrypted, processed by Stripe, and never stored on VidHug servers.

Entering a valid promo code will apply the associated discount immediately.

If the promo code is invalid, expired, or sold out due to a limited quantity, that will be shown as well.

When you've entered your payment information, click Review to proceed (this will not charge your credit card yet).

On the Review & Confirm view, you can see a summary of the upcoming unlock payment. To correct any information, press Back. If all the information is correct, press Confirm to attempt the credit card payment.

A successful payment will be confirmed in the Summary view and you will also be sent an e-mail receipt to the e-mail address associated with your account. The unlocked status of your Group Hug will be shown on its dashboard, as well as in your list of Group Hugs, with a green unlock icon:

Failed Payments

If your payment fails, the Group Hug will not unlock successfully and you'll be provided with a reason that the payment did not go through. In most cases, the reason will be self-explanatory (e.g. incorrect card number, incorrect CVC, incorrect address, card expired, etc.).

For other failed payment scenarios, please see My card was declined, what can I do? and My Group Hug was unsuccessful, but the charge still appears on my statement.


At VidHug, everyone's special occasion is important to us and our mission is to make each experience an enjoyable one. If VidHug did not work for your special occasion or you are otherwise unsatisfied with your Group Hug, we are truly sorry that we did not meet your expectations. We want to hear from you about what went wrong and what we can do better in the future. If the situation cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, your unlock payment will be refunded. Refunds take approximately 5-10 business days to be posted back to the customer account after being issued.

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