Editing Hug Page details

The details that describe your Group Hug: the Title, Description, Due Date, and Feature image, can all be edited at any time. 

To edit the Group Hug details that appear on your Hug/Recording Page, navigate to the Hug Page section of your Group Hug dashboard and click the Edit button in the top right corner. There are also convenient Edit buttons near the Due Date and Feature Image sections that will also allow you to edit your Group Hug details.

In this example, we change the  Title of our Group Hug.

Note: Changing the Title of your Hug page does not change the link or URL of the Group Hug.

When you've made the desired changes, press the blue Checkmark in the top right corner to save those changes. If you wish to undo those changes and revert back to the previously saved version, simply click the yellow X to cancel.

Changes to the Due Date or Feature Image will be automatically saved without the need to press the checkmark.
The red Trash icon is for deleting the entire Group Hug. Do not select this unless you are absolutely sure that you wish to delete your Group Hug completely!

When you click the checkmark, you'll see your changes being saved.

Once the save is complete, the changes will be reflected on your Hug page (also known as the Recording Page). You may have to refresh the Recording Page to see the updated version.

That's it! Your changes are made.

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