Sharing hugs to the recording page

Quick How-To:

To share a Hug on the Recording Page, press the Eye icon on the Hug’s thumbnail to turn it blue.


One great way to encourage people to take part in your occasion is to share individual video messages from both yourself and others to the recording page for other invitees to view. It not only helps reluctant participants but also provides an example of what a good video message looks like.

By default, all videos submitted to your Group Hug are private; they are only viewable by yourself as the Group Hug organizer. This is in case you want to keep every part of the video a complete surprise until the end. Sharing specific individual videos to the recording page is easily done from the Hugs section of your Group Hug dashboard. Simply locate the video(s) you wish to share and click on the eye/visibility icon to activate sharing for that video. It will turn blue.

Upon doing this, if you visit your recording page (refresh if necessary), you will now see the videos you selected available for viewing.

You can share as many videos as you like this way!

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