How does VidHug work?

Before you get started creating a Group Hug with VidHug, here's an explanation of how the process works, step by step.

Quick How-To

  1. Start the Group Hug by adding Description and a Feature Image
  2. Invite people to add Hugs (videos) using the Invite Link
  3. Receive Hugs in your dashboard and get an email notification for every new Hug.
  4. Add your own Hug
  5. Unlock the Group Hug with a credit card payment
  6. Create the montage (you choose how it looks, our software does the heavy lifting)
  7. Share the Hug using the Shareable Link

Step by Step

1 - Start the Group Hug

The first thing to do is to start the Group Hug. It's a quick and easy process where you describe the occasion with a: 

  • Title (e.g. Kate's 40th Birthday!)
  • Description
  • Flexible due date for receiving videos and,
  • Feature image
How long does it take?

From a few seconds to a minute or two.

With this step complete, you'll have a Group Hug dashboard to manage everything related to this occasion and a unique Recording Page to invite people to.

2 - Invite people to join the Group Hug

Using whatever communication method you prefer, send the invite link for your recording page to everyone that you want to participate.

How long does it take?

Only as long as it takes you to send out the link to everyone!

Once you've invited everyone, it's time to sit back and wait for videos.

3 - Receive Hugs

We like to call the individual videos submitted by your family and friends Hugs”. We've made it easy for anyone you invite to submit a Hug, from their phone, computer, or tablet. Once submitted, it is instantly added to your Group Hug. You just sit back and receive e-mail notifications as the videos come in. 

How long does it take?

It all depends on the people you invite! We've seen some Group Hugs finish in a matter of hours, but most last at least a few days.

Keep in mind that it is human nature for people to wait to participate until (a) the deadline is near and (b) they've seen that other people are participating. That's why we encourage you to...

4 - Add your own Hug

If you want to maximize participation in your Group Hug (and who doesn't?), you should definitely record your own Hug and share it on the recording page. Think of it as a way of “breaking the ice”. The best way to ask others to get in front of a camera and press record is to lead the way yourself! It will not only help encourage, but also give you the chance to set an example of the kind of messages you'd like people to create. If you're not exactly sure yet what you want to say, it doesn't have to be perfect - you can always replace your submission with a more polished version later!

How long does it take?

Recording and submitting a video takes a couple of minutes. A little more if you're the type who needs 10 different takes to choose from 😉

5 - Unlock the Group Hug

VidHug is a pay-per-use service. If you collect more than 3 videos in your Group Hug, it must be unlocked with a credit card payment to use all of those videos. 

6 - Create the Group Hug Montage

When you've received all the videos you need, or you're still expecting videos, but simply want to preview what the final video will look like, you can start the Group Hug montage creation with the simple push of a button.

How long does it take?

Group Hug montage creation takes a minimum of 10 minutes, but usually roughly two to three times the length of the footage you've collected. For example, a 5-minute Group Hug may take about 15 minutes to create, while a 30-minute Group Hug could take about 1 hour.

7 - Share the Group Hug Montage

When your Group Hug montage is finalized, it's time to surprise and delight your special someone! To make sharing your montage easy, you get a shareable link that is easily shared via e-mail, message, or any popular social platform and you also have the option to download the video, for offline viewing or simply to have a personal copy.

That's it! That's all it takes to create one of the most memorable gifts your loved one will ever receive ❤️

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