Your Group Hug Dashboard

As a Group Hug organizer, you manage the Group Hug for your special occasion from what we call the Dashboard. It is a private section that only you have access to when logged in to VidHug. To navigate to the dashboard for a particular Group Hug, select it from your Home Page (see below) or follow the link in a notification e-mail for that Group Hug. In the screenshot below, we could click on the title, Stefano's 30th Birthday!, to reach that Group Hug's Dashboard. 

The dashboard itself contains a lot of information and divided up into four different sections:

  • Hug Page - manages the recording page
  • Hugs - manages all the received videos
  • Group Hug - manages creation of the video montage
  • Unlock - enables upgrading from the free preview

The order of appearance of the sections varies, depending on how far along your Group Hug is. Now let's look at each section and how to use it.

Hug Page

The Hug Page section is where you manage the details that describe your special occasion, the information that appears on your recording page, which you initially input at the time of creation. This includes the: 

  • Title
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Feature Image

You can change any of these details with a few clicks. For example, if your Group Hug due date has passed, but you would like to extend it, you can do that here. 

This section also shows how many times your recording page has been visited, so you can see if people are actually reading your invites!


The Hugs section is where videos (or hugs) that are submitted to your Group Hug are displayed.

In this area, you can:

If your Group Hug is still in a free preview and has not yet been unlocked, the videos with a padlock on them are only shown as thumbnails and cannot be manipulated until the Group Hug is unlocked.

Group Hug

The Group Hug section pertains to your final montage video (yes, we call the overall occasion as well as the final video the "Group Hug," kinda confusing! We're working on it.). Before you've created your Group Hug montage, it will inform you how long your overall video will be and provide an  estimate of how long it will take to put together.

From this section, you can start your Group Hug montage creation at any time. When the Group Hug montage is finished, it will also be displayed here.

When complete, it shows a Shareable Link To Video that can be shared in many ways. It also has a Re-do my Group Hug to re-do the creation of the montage, in case you receive some late submissions or simply want to change something about the montage.


VidHug is a pay-per-use service, with a free preview for each Group Hug as you get started. When a Group Hug is within the free preview, it is considered locked and unlocking it requires payment by credit card. During the free preview period, there will be an Unlock section on your Dashboard.

Within the bounds of the free preview (e.g. the first 3 hugs/videos or less), the Unlock section will show at the bottom of the Dashboard since unlocking is not yet necessary. Once some videos (those submitted after the first 3) are outside of the preview, the Unlock section will appear at the top of the Dashboard.

The price shown in the Unlock section may depend on your location.

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