How do I upload a pre-recorded video?

In some situations, you will need to submit a video file that has been previously recorded. This can be useful if someone has sent their video directly to you via email or text, instead of through VidHug, or if you want to do multiple takes before submitting a video and have a chance to review them all before deciding which you like best. 

Quick How-To: 

  • Use the device that has the video file stored on it.
  • Visit the Recording Page of the Group Hug using the Invite Link. 
  • When presented with the option to either record or select/upload a video, choose to select/upload a video from your device


Uploading from a Phone

  1. Use the device that has the saved video file.
  2. To submit a video from your smartphone, visit the recording page on your mobile device and scroll down to the Join The Hug! section.
The video submission process appears differently depending on the phone's operating system (OS). The screenshots shown below are representative but may appear slightly different when viewed on a different iOS or Android version and/or screen size



  1. Select “Photo Library” on iPhone or “Files” on Android.
  2. Select the pre-recorded video that you wish to upload
  3. Wait for the upload to complete successfully before closing the website 

Uploading from a Computer

  1. Use the computer/iPad/tablet that has the video file saved.
  2. Visiting the Recording Page using the Invite Link 
  3. You will be given the option to Record Video or Upload Video.

  4. To upload, simply click Upload Video and then select your video from your files. This will commence the upload process.

  5. To ensure that the video is received, wait for the upload to succeed and watch for the signs that your video was successfully received.

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