Enabling Flash On Safari

While video recording is supported directly, in-browser using HTML5 technology in Chrome, Firefox, and the most recent versions of the Edge, the Safari browser on Mac still relies on the older Adobe Flash technology for video recording. When you visit a recording page in Safari, if you do not have Flash installed, it will appear like this:

If instead, it says Missing Plug-in in the middle of the blue rectangle, you will need to click on that button and follow the Flash Installation instructions. If instead it says Click to use Flash, you can skip the installation instructions and move on to Recording on Safari.

Flash Installation

To begin Flash installation, click the Missing Plug-in button. Safari will pop up a dialog and you should choose to Download Flash...

Safari will then navigate you to the Adobe Flash installation web page, where you can download the Flash installer. Click  Download Now and follow the instructions on the screen.

When the download is complete, you can launch the installer either from your Downloads section in Finder or simply by selecting it from the Safari downloads menu (see below). Double-click on the Installer to launch it.

Opening the download will unpack the  Install Adobe Flash Player app, double-click it to being installation.

Mac OS may ask you to confirm that you want to open the installer (because it was downloaded from the internet). You can safely click on  Open to proceed.

Once opened, the installer will ask you to agree to its terms (check the checkbox), after which you should click  Install to proceed.

When the installer finishes, simply click Done and restart the Safari browser. 

Recording on Safari

With Adobe Flash installed as a plugin on Safari, the recording page will show as below. Click the Click to use Flash button to proceed.

Safari will display a prompt to ask you if you want to use Flash on VidHug just this one time, or every time you visit a recording page on VidHug. Select  Use Every Time or Use Once, whichever you prefer, to proceed. 

You have now enabled Flash on Safari and the video recorder should appear as usual. From this point on, you can follow the standard webcam recording instructions.

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